Pat Testing Prices In Doncaster

Portable Appliance Testing Price List

    Pat Testing Prices In Doncaster

  • Small business up to 25 Items £80 No Vat.

  • Up to 200 items – £1.20 per item*
  • Up to 400 items – £1.00 per item
  • Up to 800 items – £0.95 per item
  • Up to 1500 items – £0.90 per item
  • Up to 5000 items – £0.80 per item
  • Up to 10000 items – £0.75 per item
  • 10,001 and above £0.65 per item

* Minumum number of items 100

How Much is PAT Testing in Doncaster?

Welcome to Doncaster Electrics, your trusted partner for PAT testing in Doncaster.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors influencing the cost of PAT testing while highlighting our qualifications, expertise, and commitment to safety.

I get so many calls & texts for Pat Testing Prices In Doncaster from potential clients asking what we charge for pat testing in Doncaster

So rather that keep typing out the same message I have decided to put the prices on one page as you can see above.

How Much is PAT Testing Doncaster

PAT testing services typically range between £0.65 and £1.20 per appliance.

PAT testing, an essential safety measure for electrical equipment in the UK, ensures compliance with regulations and safeguards against potential hazards.

When delving into the cost aspect, one must consider several factors influencing the average charge for PAT testing.

Understanding the pricing structure is vital for businesses and individuals seeking PAT testing


What is the Average Charge for PAT Testing?

The cost depends on various elements, including the number of appliances to be tested, the complexity of the testing requirements, and the service provider’s expertise.

Generally, the more appliances requiring testing, the lower the cost per unit.

However, intricate equipment or specialized testing needs may incur additional charges.

It’s crucial to note that these prices are not fixed and can vary among different PAT testing service providers.

It’s worth considering that firms that employ qualified pat testers have added costs to make up.

Such the engineers wages, pension, sickness benefits pensions etc.

While the same qualified pat testing engineer working in his or her own firm can be as much as half the cost for the same service.

Failing to comply with regulations can lead to legal consequences and extremely high fines or imprisonment.

Therefore, considering the modest cost range of £0.65 to £1.20 per appliance, the benefits of ensuring electrical safety far outweigh the financial implications.

And so will be able to offer lower prices.

My Qualifications for PAT Testing – City and Guilds 2377-77

At Doncaster Electrics, I take pride in our City and Guilds 2377-77 certification.

A testament to my dedication to maintaining the highest standards in portable appliance testing.

This qualification ensures that Pat testing technicians possess the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct thorough and reliable PAT testing.

Experienced Portable Appliance Testers in Doncaster

With years of experience in the industry, I am well equipped to handle diverse testing requirements.

I understand the nuances of testing various appliances, from office equipment to industrial machinery, ensuring a comprehensive and meticulous approach to every job.

Qualified PAT Tester in Doncaster

Choosing a qualified PAT tester is crucial for ensuring the safety of your workplace.

I live in Doncaster and I am a qualified ‘Part P’ C&G 2393 – 10, you can feel safe with me.

Specifically, I am also C&G 2377-77 which is a specific qualification for ‘in service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’.

I have the expertise to assess and test appliances effectively.

Providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your electrical safety measures.

Pat Testing Prices In Doncaster
Pat Testing Prices In Doncaster

Fully Insured Pat Tester

Safety is my top priority.

Rest assured that Doncaster Electrics is fully insured, offering an added layer of protection for your business in any unforeseen circumstances during the PAT testing process.

My commitment to safety extends beyond the testing itself, demonstrating my dedication to your peace of mind.

Pat testing Doncaster – Transparent Portable Appliance Testing Pricing

Furthermore, I understand the importance of clear and transparent pricing.

My competitive rates in Doncaster ensure that you receive exceptional value for our services without any hidden fees.

Trust Doncaster Electrics to provide reliable PAT testing solutions tailored to your budget and needs.

I also understand that smaller business like Hair dressers, Plumbers, Beauty salons and one van business and people working from home that don’t have a lot of electrical equipment find it hard to keep up.

But these business Must comply with the law around electrical appliances.

If you are small business, the unfortunate situation is that your still have to comply with all sorts of laws around health and safety, electrical equipment safety etc.

This can get very expensive, I know, I am a small business!

So, I am offering to help with a set fee for up to 25 portable electrical appliances to be tested and documented.

The set fee is just £80 with no VAT.

Full Pat Test Results and Documentation

When you choose me at Doncaster Electrics, you receive not only thorough testing but also comprehensive documentation.

My detailed reports outline the safety status of each tested appliance, empowering you to address any issues promptly and maintain a secure working environment.

It will help you avoid large fines and or imprisonment!

What is the cost of Pat testing in Doncaster District?

    Pat Testing Prices In Doncaster

  • Small business up to 25 Items £80 No Vat.

  • Up to 200 items – £1.20 per item*
  • Up to 400 items – £1.00 per item
  • Up to 800 items – £0.95 per item
  • Up to 1500 items – £0.90 per item
  • Up to 5000 items – £0.80 per item
  • Up to 10000 items – £0.75 per item
  • 10,001 and above £0.65 per item
What is the cost of Pat testing in Doncaster District
What is the cost of Pat testing in Doncaster District


In conclusion, when considering PAT testing in Doncaster, Doncaster Electrics stands out as a reliable and qualified service provider.

My City and Guilds 2377-77 certification, experience, transparent pricing, and commitment to safety make me the ideal choice for your portable appliance testing needs.

Contact Paul today for a safer and compliant workplace.

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